Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

As online gaming goes, Grand Theft Auto continues to be one of the most popular games out there. Since its first launch in 1997, GTA has had a number of versions released, each with its own upgrades and features. Of all GTA series, it is safe to say that GTA V Vice City is the greatest one, bringing its developer the greatest profits.  But what is it about GTA V Vice City, making it still popular to this day even though it released in 2013? Below are why we think this game is still relevant and thriving today.

It gives players the freedom

This might be the reason behind GTA V Vice City’s success and popularity. That is FREEDOM. In this GTA version, you have a certain sense of freedom that is offered by no other game. Would you like to be a simple criminal? Or do you want to be unhinged and kill everyone in your path? Or do you want to save someone? Yes, there are numerous ways to enjoy playing this game. And all is up to your choice.

It allows players to experience a realistic lifestyle

Yes, you can punch a random dude on the street in real life if you want. But this can cause you to be re-punched. So, if you don’t want repercussions from this action do it in GTA V instead. Here, you are free to do heists, race others, fly planes or steal vehicles.

It brings along the fun of driving around

If you want to lose yourself in the ecstasy of getting behind the wheel with nowhere in particular to go, GTA V Vice City is the go-to option.

GTA V provides players excellent driving system that surpasses its predecessor in terms of how much fun it is to drive around. But the joy of exploring GTAV’s vast world doesn’t stop at improved controls. Game makers have been working tirelessly to make subtle design decisions and create some truly excellent vehicles. Through these revolutions, GTA V encourages players to test the limits of their driving abilities. And after the test, you can be got the rewards you deserve for your efforts.

It features the best collection of missions

It is safe to say that Rockstar’s GTA series has gifted us with some of the best assignments in open-world gaming history. However, many of those early games relied on variations of simple fetch quests and other basic assignments to stretch out storylines.

GTA V makes itself unique by finding a separate way to lend a bit of weight to whatever you’re doing and spice it up through some kind of twist or even just a memorable conclusion.

With that said, heists in GTA V Vice City can represent the absolute best of GTA mission design. Also, we think they should serve as the rough template for whatever comes next.

Its map and world are the best in series history

Although GTAV’ map is larger than previous GTA games from a statistical standpoint, it is the emphasis on the little things along the way that truly makes it stand out from the crowd.

It updates regularly

If you are not a regular GTA V player, chances are you don’t realize how many updates have been added to the game. There is a consistent stream of new and updated content, which helps keep things interesting. This means there will always be something new for you to explore and experience. So cool it is, right?

So, those are reasons why GTA V Vice City is so popular now. We are going to love this interesting so much. Anyone else? Tell us in the comment section.